Where Is Steven Assanti From My 600-Lb Life Star Now?

TLC’s My 600-lb Life has been following the outrageous weight loss adventures of the morbidly obese for over eight years. But maybe no one added as much drama as Steven Assanti did in season 5.

He once weighed over 800 pounds and starred on the show with his brother Justin in 2017. Many people were disgusted by his abrasive attitude, and some even found themselves in the unusual position of rooting toward him.

Discover what happened to Steven Assanti when he was on the show and after it ended. The response might surprise you.

Who Is Steven Assanti?

Steven John Assanti is a reality TV alum who appeared with his brother Justin on the final two episodes of TLC’s My-600 lb Life’s fifth season.

Prior to his role on the show, Steven gained notoriety as a guest on Dr. Phil’s House of Hatred in 2007. He also tried to cash in on his almost 800-pound body with a series of strange YouTube videos.

When he appeared on a local news show in 2015, he attracted the attention of TLC executives.

It was mentioned in it that he was ejected from a hospital for breaching gastric bypass readiness and ordering pizza. Soon after, he was cast in My 600-lb Life.

Steven was born on the 2nd of December, 1981. He and his younger brother Justin were born to an abusive mother who divorced their father when they were 11 and 5 years old, respectively.

The children initially lived with their mum, but unfortunately, the boys were abused by her new boyfriend. Steven and Justin both took to binge eating to deal with the chaos.

Justin explained on My 600-lb Life, “Steven was really selfish.” “And any time there was food nearby, he must have devoured it before I could consume it.”

“Food was my solace in both good and poor times,” Steven confessed. “However, that didn’t help with any of the nonsense that was going on. I was always in a bad mood.”

Check out the entire episode clip for more information on the brothers’ history:

My 600-lb Life: Steven Assanti’s Worst Moments

Steven Assanti, a My 600-lb Life celebrity, arrived on the hit show weighing up to 800 pounds. Steven and his family grab their belongings and move to Houston, Texas after agreeing to get their lives in order.

This is so that Dr. Nowzaradan will perform weight loss surgery on Steven and his brother Justin Assanti.

Steven Assanti is well-known for a variety of causes. Some people recognize him from his cringe-worthy dance videos. Others recognize him from the fits he threw while filming My 600-lb Life.

In addition, several people took notice of Steven after he consistently harassed his brother Justin Assanti.

Steven is not only a combative patient, but he is also a heroin user. Justin Assanti described how Steven stole his pain relievers after he had gastric bypass surgery. This is why Justin decided to resign.

Dr. Nowzaradan eventually kicked Steven out of the hospital. This is because, while in the hospital, he ordered a pizza for delivery, despite the fact that he was attempting to lose weight.

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Where is Steven Assanti Now?

Steven would actually have weight loss surgery, as shown on Where Are They Now?, but it was a rough path fraught with cheat food, tantrums, and even a painkiller addiction.

Despite this, Steven, who weighed over 700 pounds at one point, stated in the episode that aired in May 2020 that he had lost over 200 pounds and was now down to 518 pounds, while Dr. Now estimated his real weight was even higher.

Steven was seen talking to Dr. Now over a Skype call from Iowa in the most recent follow-up segment on the Assanti brothers.

In 2018, Steven Assanti married.

In his personal life, Steven married massage therapist Stephanie Sanger in 2018. The same year, she agreed to an interview with the website Starcasm, but the writer found at the close of the interview that Steven had been giving all of the answers himself.

Steven Assanti wife (Stephanie Sanger)
steven assanti wife

“I was trying to find him because the first time I saw him on TV, I realized he was a gorgeous person,” Steven wrote as Stephanie. “And I wanted to meet him not because I saw him on TV, but because I knew he was my soulmate. I sensed it and knew I had to search him.”

Stephanie Assanti’s Facebook page, which bears his surname, reveals her status as “Married” as of this article, with her profile URL reading “stephanie. stevenmylove.” However, her last public post with a profile picture of the couple was on March 31, 2019, and was replaced 11 days later with an image of just herself.

Steven doesn’t have much of a social media presence, so other than saying he was the one who started a lot of the fights in the marriage on “Steven and Justin Assanti The Final Chapter,” it’s difficult to know how his life is going.

Everything we can expect is that Steven will succeed on his path to fitness, happiness, and peace throughout his life.

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