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Top 10 Easiest Place to Get Laid – Best Places To Hookup

About what some coaches say, pickup is not the same anywhere. It’s quick to get laid in some countries. I’ve been to a couple where I can comfortably bang three girls in a day. It is incredibly difficult to bang three girls in a week in some countries.

A large part of this is decided by a city’s sexual market. I’ve written extensively on this subject in the past, but essentially, these are topics like the male to female ratio, the level of competition, the level of demand for “your type,” and so on.

Bottom line: there may not be a single simplest spot to get laid in the country, but there are a few that are better than others.

In this post, I’ll rely on both my own background and what I’ve learned from friends and associates. And, while I have seen further than other people, I have not seen nearly enough of the planet to make this a “definitive” assessment.

Let’s just call this essay a starting point on which I plan to build in the coming years. For the sake of clarity, I’ll divide it into four parts (America, Eastern Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia).

And now, I present to you the list of the Top 10 Easiest Place to Get Laid in the World.

1. EASTERN EUROPE – Easiest Place to Get Laid

In general, a wonderful place to enjoy. A smaller level of competition than the United States. Furthermore, the girls are, on average, dominant.

More feminine and realistic… and a lot less flaky. I’ve just been flaked on maybe two to three occasions in all my trips to Eastern Europe.

I’ve only seen a small portion of Eastern Europe, but Poland ranks at the top of my list. Yes, polish girls can be a little bitchy in bars and clubs.

However, online dating in Poland is so fantastic that you don’t even need to leave your house to get laid. Any night, I could comfortably tinder a new girl over. Or maybe two.

I’ve been to Warsaw, and it was ridiculously easy to get laid there. I’ve never been to Krakow, but I’ve heard it’s much more convenient.

Prague is another city worth mentioning. I don’t get almost as many tinder matches as I do in Poland, but I still get far more than in the United States… Also, it may be a coincidence, but the two nights I went out in Prague both ended with me pulling and banging one of the first few girls I spoke to.

Budapest and Helsinki are also worthy of note. Finish girls in general are Really DTF and have far fewer sex apprehensions than girls in most other nations.

Some countries I haven’t been able to learn good things about including Croatia, Serbia, and Austria. Those three are unquestionably on my mind.

2. THE UNITED STATES – Easiest Place to Get Laid

If you reside in Europe, you will believe that America is a hunting paradise. Unfortunately, this is not the case. America, on average, is on par with some Western European countries (England and Germany) and is far more complicated than anything else I’ll name.

This is attributed to a number of factors such as general high levels of competition, feminism, flake culture, and so on. That is not to suggest that America is a bad country.

This is where I learned how to play the game. And 80 percent of my lays were in America (where I’ve been for the majority of my life). Often, not all cities in the United States are the same.

Some are much superior to some. People generally believe that “glamorous” cities, such as Los Angeles or Vegas, are the finest. However, in most cases, the reverse is so.

According to several outlets, one of the best cities in the United States for getting laid is fucking Pittsburgh. Another decent one is Albuquerque (can verify with personal experience).

If you’re not from the United States, you’ve probably never heard of these places. This is due to the fact that they are the polar opposite of sexy.

Nobody ever goes there. And the majority of good people who are born there get the fuck out. That is what makes them ideal for gaming.

Because of the lack of solid competition and a desirable male-to-female ratio, you become a far more valuable asset there. In addition, there is less flaking and sugar daddy tradition in these areas.

In general, “low-key” cities in America are much safer for pickup. There are, however, a few exceptions. New York is the largest one.

There is a very good male-to-female ratio there, which, along with the extreme population density, gives you a plethora of choices. Boston is maybe much better.

This is thanks to the city’s insane number of universities. If you like white girls, Boston is the place to be.

3. SOUTHEAST ASIA – Easiest Place to Get Laid

I haven’t been to Southeast Asia yet, but I know a lot of people that I trust to give me an honest opinion. And the verdict is…a lot of pussy.

Your tinder would be flooded with stuck-up Asian girls looking for some American cock.

Thailand is the first country that most people think about when they hear Southeast Asia. And, yeah, it’s going to be everything it’s cracked up to be.

However, Indonesia and the Philippines are much better to play in. In terms of cunt, it’s going to be absolute anarchy there. I’ve heard of guys doubling their lifetime lay count in a matter of hours.

The only drawback I’ve learned is that a sizable proportion of the girls don’t shave their ***. Some guys may not give a shite, but it’s a turn-off for me. Pubic hair doesn’t really exist in South America for girls aged 7 and up.

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4. SOUTH AMERICA – Easiest Place to Get Laid

This is my idea of paradise. Hot horny Latinas with phony boobs and massive buttocks. I’ve always been drawn to the “pornstar look,” so the ladies of South America are far more my style.

In addition, my findings here are crazy. I’ve only visited one country… Colombia is a country in South America.

But what I’ve been through has been crazy. I was turning down 7s and 8s on my last ride to Medellin because I couldn’t keep up.

There were several nights in the end that I was glad to get flaked on. Overall, Colombian girls are hot, feminine, passionate, and love to fuck. They have put in far more work than their American counterparts.

Even, while I don’t have personal knowledge to back this up, from what I’ve read, Medellin isn’t quite the best city in South America for pickup.

San Paolo and Florianopolis are said to be much better. And countries such as Peru and Chile are said to be much easier.


Of course, there is much more to travel than mere cunt. It’s an opportunity you’ll never forget, and it helps you flourish as a person by introducing you to people you’d never know otherwise.

Still, since the universe is so vast, I figure I may as well mix all of that with some huge tittys in my face.

If you’ve been to a country that you felt it’s one of the Easiest Place to Get Laid, please share your thoughts in the comments section below. I’d like to hear your thoughts as well.

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