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Hushpuppi Net Worth, Cars, Source Of Income Fraud allegations 2021

Hushpuppi Net Worth: Ramon Olorunwa Abbas (born October 11, 1982) is a Nigerian Instagram celebrity who is facing criminal charges in the United States for conspiracy to launder money obtained from business email compromise frauds and other scams, including schemes that defrauded a U.S. law firm of approximately $1 million and illegally transferred $147 million from a foreign financial institution.

Abbas had a global Instagram following of over 2.5 million followers, where he shared pictures and footage of his extravagant purchases on expensive vehicles, watches, designer suits, bags from luxury designers like Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Gucci, and of himself boarding helicopters, with celebrity, footballers, and Nigerian politicians or while on private jets. He said he is a real estate developer. He is a St. Kitts and Nevis resident with a passport.


Abbas was born and raised in the Nigerian city of Lagos. He later emigrated to Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates, where he remained until his detention. In 2013, he said he a was a father of a little boy unknown to fans. According to a classmate, Abbas attended Government College in Ikorodu, Lagos State. Many news outlets have claimed that Abbas used to be a second-hand clothes dealer in Lagos. Abbas took pride in his modest origins. revealed in an exclusive post in which it interviewed Mr. Abbas’s old neighbors that Abbas had a reputation as a ‘Yahoo boy,’ a local term for a cyber criminal, was not supported by his mother, had not raised any of his old friends out of poverty, and had ignored repeated warnings about his lifestyle.

The photos he posts on his social media accounts depict the kind of life he leads, as he believes in living big and having fun to the fullest. After all, he works hard for his earnings. He is well-known for using inspiring captions in his posts.

He was the star of the 2017 song ‘Telli Person’ by Nigerian singer Timaya, which featured Olamide and Phyno, with whom he had a long feud. The song featured lyrics aimed at Abbas, accusing him of being a swindler and lavishing his money on designer clothes rather than investing in successful projects, and warning him that he would be apprehended by authorities soon. Many saw the song as a foreshadowing of his arrest, which came true.

Hushpuppi Net Worth & Wealth Source

According to numerous online sources, Ray Hushpuppi’s net worth in 2020 could exceed $4 billion, which equates to more than N1.53 trillion; Is he wealthier than DANGOTE?

This figure, however, has not been verified by any official announcement from organizations such as Forbes or the Gucci Master himself. Hushpuppi’s net worth may be much higher if all of the cars he claimed to have purchased were genuine, as well as his flamboyant lifestyle in Dubai.

Ray Hushpuppi Car

Nobody knows for certain how many cars this Instagram celebrity has in his garage. We just have information from his show-off posts on the account.

The top luxury cars Hushpuppi frequently flaunts on his page, as well as the house he is said to be residing in, are listed below!

Hushpuppi Net Worth

hush puppi car

ramon abbas range rover

hush puppi net worth
Ramon Olorunwa Abbas

Hushpuppi Source Of Income

Hushpuppi once said on Instagram that those who are “wondering what he did for a living, that he is a professional beggar”.

Begging is the practice of pleading with others for a favor, usually a monetary gift, with little to no hope of reciprocation. An individual who does this is known as a beggar or panhandler. Beggars can be found in public places, such as highways, parks, and markets.

Allegations of fraud

  • He was accused of conspiring to launder “hundreds millions of dollars” upon his arrival in the United States on July 3.
  • According to an FBI affidavit, Abbas and others committed a BEC scheme in October 2019 that defrauded a client of a New York-based law firm out of approximately $922,857.
  • Abbas and co-conspirators are accused of duping one of the law firm’s paralegals into wiring money intended for the client’s real estate refinancing to a bank account operated by Abbas and the co-conspirators.
  • When one of them was in Los Angeles, California, Abbas and his co-conspirators laundered $396,050.
  • The affidavit also accused Abbas and a co-conspirator of conspiring to launder funds intended to be stolen via fraudulent wire transfers from an “international financial institution,” with fraudulent wire transfers totaling approximately US $14.7 million sent to bank accounts worldwide in February 2019.
  • Though the affidavit did not name any banks, Forbes reports that the date of the attack and the sum listed in the affidavit matched that of the February 2019 attack on Malta’s Bank of Valletta.
  • According to the affidavit, Abbas provided a co-conspirator with two bank accounts in Europe in anticipation of receiving $5.6 million in fraudulently acquired funds.
  • Abbas faces a statutory maximum term of 20 years in federal prison if convicted of conspiracy to participate in money laundering, after which he will be deported.

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