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Cierra Wight Biography & Net Worth (Big Show Daughter) 2021

Being a VIP child attracted unfavorable attention from the driving media, and Cierra Wight is one of them. She was born in Florida in 1998, is a student at the University of West Florida, and likes to keep her personal life secret. Most likely, she is best known as the little girl of WWE wrestler Paul Donald Wight II, also known as the “Huge Show.”

Without a doubt! She is Big Show’s eldest girl, and her mom is Melissa Ann Paivis. She separated from school in the city, and apart from that, little information about her personal life could be uncovered since she is a relatively conscientious person who likes to keep her life limited.

Regardless of the fact that she enjoys the opportunity to continue snarling about with her friends as much as we do. After her parents divorced in 2002, Paul had the option of placing Cierra under his supervision, and he raised her with his second wife, Bess Katramados.

What we can tell about Cierra is that she is quite close to her mom, Melissa, and is often seen with her. Cierra is worried about her physical appearance and overall wellbeing. She is a wellness junkie who follows a strict diet and attends her workout center seminar on a regular time.

Cierra goes to the gym five days a week and is extremely concerned about her wellbeing. She also has two younger stepsisters from her progression mother, Bess. She eventually settled in Miami, Florida, USA, with her father’s family.

Early life of Cierra Wright

Cierra Wight was born on November 28, 1988, in Florida, United States. Cierra’s father, Paul Donald Wight, also known as Big Show, is a professional wrestler, seven-time world champion, actor, and commentator.

As a result, Big Show is her father’s stage name, while his true name is Paul Donald Wight II. Melissa Ann Piavis is her mother’s name. After falling in love and dating for a time, Cierra’s parents married on 14 February 1997.

Unfortunately, they chose to divorce after Cierra was born. As a result, they divorced on February 6, 2020.

Cierra had a difficult upbringing as a result of her lack of constant family love. Despite this, she lives happily with both of her parents. Cierra’s father then married Bess Katramados in a second marriage on February 11, 2002.

She is a well-known fitness teacher, promoter, and former model.

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Cierra Wight Education

She is a Fitness Freak, who loves the fitness industry and goes to the gym five days a week. She is the daughter of the famous WWE wrestler The Big Show, and as a result, she has gained public recognition as a celebrity kid who aspires to be a public figure.

The Social, Media She Gains So Much Fame, But She Does Not Have Any Personal Social Media Account, and She Always Seems to be Trending in The News Media Now, at the time, she had not chosen a suitable career, but she may have wanted to choose fitness as a career since she loved it, and she also considered it to be their passion.

She had finished their middle and high school education and had learned many lessons from their school life. She is now enrolled in courses at the University of West Florida.

She is a typical student who enjoys participating in the many sports activities offered by the school, particularly those related to fitness, as well as other sports. Normally, their main hobby is traveling. When studying, it is important to refresh the mind, which she does by traveling.

As previously stated, she is the daughter of renowned WWE wrestler The Big Show.

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Cierra Wight Net Worth

Cierra’s net worth is estimated to be $300,000 USD. Many people estimated her net worth to be in the millions, if not billions. However, this is not the case since Cierra has no means of increasing her money. Consider how a person may make over a million dollars without having a job.

We definitely see that she is pursuing her higher education and is mostly focused on it. So, this net worth is most likely inherited from her father, and it is an estimate rather than an actual figure.

Relationships & Personal Life

She is secretive about their personal lives, thus she does not reveal any information about them. Now that she is in college, she may or may not find the man she wanted. We would want to update this information as we learn more about their personal lives.

She is now pursuing her studies, so she may fall in love later. It is uncertified till she officially declares about her relationship.

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