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April Dubois Biography, Husband Wesley Snipes, Wedding & Net Worth

April Dubois is the name that was flowing everywhere after she got married to Wesley Snipes. She was a very average woman before her marriage, but everything changed in a very short time. She has a fascinating and lovely life narrative. So, start reading April Dubois’ biography and everything else about her.

April Dubois Wiki, Husband Wesley Snipes Biography, Wiki and Wedding, Net Worth & More
Name April Dubois
Your Birth Date 1963
Birthplace America
Age 58 Years of Age
Height 5’6’6” Feet
Net Worth $500,000 US Dollars
Marital Status Married, then divorcing
Marriage Period 1985 – 1990
An Ex-Husband Wesley Trent Snipes
Children Son – Jelani Aar Snipes (1988).
Nationality American
Residence America

Who is April Dubois, you ask?

April Dubois, a well-known American personality and public figure, is April Dubois. Her most prominent role is that of Wesley Trent Snipes’s ex-wife. Their son is now also enrolled in the film business. The loving relationship between the couple ended after only five years. Dubois remained single, but Wesley was married. Below you will find out how this all began and where she is today.


April Dubois’s Early Life

April Dubois was a 1963 American citizen. Her parents live far away from the media, which is why no one knows anything about them. Dubois doesn’t want to be seen in public or on the media. Dubois completed her primary education at a local high school. She has not revealed any of her education credentials or related information since then.

Dubois wasn’t a famous and well-known woman until she married Wesley Trent Snipes, an American actor. Prior to that, her life was very ordinary and simple.

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April Dubois Career

April Dubois was born in America and grew up there with her family. Before her marriage, the American public figure was nearly silent on social media platforms. She doesn’t even use social media in modern times. Because of her marriage with Wesley Snipes, she is very popular today.

Dubois is not open about her past career or the identity of her ex-husband. Because she is not available on the internet or in media, nobody knows where she is and what her current job is.

April Dubois also has not shared information about her mother, father, and siblings. It was like rain that comes at a certain time and then ends quickly. She had a divorce from her husband. Her life was similar. Education is what defines a person’s status. She has not revealed her education to indicate whether she is qualified. It seems that she has a degree.

April Dubois married Wesley Trent Snipes

April Dubois, a married woman, was wed to Wesley Trent Snipes on May 3, 1985. They were blessed with a son, Jelani Asar Snipes, who was born in 1988. His father has four other siblings. Dubois, Snipes lived happily. After a five-year period, in 1990, the couple got divorced. She never dreamed of a second marriage after that and remained single.

April Dubois Biography

Jelani Asar, their son, is now a well-known actor. He is most famous for his appearances in the film MO’ BETTER BLUES.

You might now wonder who her husband is. You might be wondering who he is. You know! Dubois’s husband Wesley Snipes is a well-known American actor, producer, and martial arts artist. He was born 21 July 1962 in Orlando Florida. He still has a relationship with his second wife.

April Dubois Net Worth

April Dubois’ estimated net worth is $500,000 US This is an estimate, as no one knows her net worth. If she revealed her net worth, this would be exact or very close to it. We know that she didn’t reveal her earnings sources. It’s okay! This amount can be considered her current net worth.

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Physical Appearance

April Dubois is a stunning figure with a beautiful body. She has a whitish color. Dubois’s approximate. Height 5′ 7″ which equals 173 cm Her weight is also approximately. She is 60 kg, has black hair, and hazel eyes.

She was born in 1963 so her age is 58. She is an American citizen and currently resides in the United States.


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