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Dr Umar Johnson Biography, Wife, Wiki, School, Age & Net Worth

Dr Umar Johnson is a great man for black communities around the world. Because he stands with them, helping them to their fullest. Despite having a difficult childhood, his perseverance and hard work led to great success in his adult life. You can learn so much from Dr. Johnson’s life story. This is Dr. Umar Johnson’s inspiring biography. Now, you can start to face your problems.

Biography of Dr. Umar Johnson, Wiki, Wiki for Wives, Marriage, Net Worth and School Details
Siblings (Rumor). Indra Ove – Daughter
Son – Available
Name Dr Umar Johnson
Your Birth Date 21 August 1974
Place of Birth North Central, Philadelphia, United States
Age 46 years
Height 6’3″ feet
Net Worth $600,000.
His School Fredrick Douglass Marcus Garvey School (FDMG).
Profession School Psychologist, Author and Pan-Afrikanist.
College Veterans Children Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
Millersville University of Pennsylvania
University Hannehmann University
Lehigh University
Education B.A. B.A.
M.Sc. M.Sc. in Psychology & More
Parents Father – Jamal Abdullah Johnson
Mother – Jermaine Shoesmake
Bernice Elizabeth Dockins, Step Mother
Marital Status Married
Wife Unknown
Nationality American
Residence Philadelphia, United States

Who is Dr. Umar John?

Dr Umar Johnson, an American School Psychoologist, Doctor in Clinical Psychology, Author and Pan-Africanist is well-known. His support for black communities is well-known and he has helped them to great success. He is actually on his way to opening a school for black students that will offer higher educations than other communities.

Dr. Johnson does all he can to support black people in equal standing with whites. He is also an author, and has published a book called “Psycho-Academic Holocaust”: The Special Educations and ADHD Wars Against Black Boys. You can read his biography to learn more about how and where he is at the moment.

The Early Life of Dr. Umar J.

Dr. Umar Johnson was conceived Jermaine Shoemake 21 August 1974 in North Central Philadelphia, United States. Jamal Abdullah Johnson, his father, was a drill instructor in the U.S Marine Corps. Jermaine Shoemake, Dr. Johnson’s mother, named her son after Jermaine Jackson. Johnson was born to a divorced mother and a father who married Bernice Elizabeth Dockins.

He grew up later with his stepmother and his 10 siblings. His father, a Muslim, suggested that Umar’s name be changed from Jermaine Shoemake to reflect his faith. It was later taken by his mother, and changed to Umar Johnson.

Dr Umar Johnson

Dr. Johnson School and Education

Dr Umar Johnson began his elementary education in Philadelphia at a local school. In Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, he enrolled at the Scotland School of Veteran’s Children and graduated in 1992. To further his education, Dr. Umar joined Millersville University of Pennsylvania. He earned two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Arts (B.A.). He earned degrees in Psychology and Political Science in 1997.

Dr. Johnson returned to Philadelphia, where he joined Hannehmann University. He also moved to Millersville University, where he earned a master’s degree in School Psychology. He also obtained the license to practice law in the state. Dr. Johnson returned to Philadelphia, where he was a school psychologist.

Dr. Johnson Career

In his home school, Dr Umar Johnson began his career as a psychologist. He enrolled at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania several years later. He earned his fourth degree, a master’s in Educational Leadership. After completing his higher education, he quit his job to join Charter School Chester, Pennsylvania and became assistant principal.

In 2012, he received two additional degrees from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic in Clinical Psychology. He was also an active member in the Philadelphia chapter the Universal Negro Improvement Association. He resigned after a few failed attempts. He wrote a book entitled “Psycho Academic Holocaust: Special Education and ADHD Wars against Black Boys” based on his physiological ideas.

Dr Umar Johnson biography

Dr. Johnson claims that African American students are deliberately misdiagnosed as having learning disabilities in a conspiracy to psychological warfare against black people. Johnson believes such activities can only be explained by the absence of fathers in African American families, which resulted in a dearth of masculine energy.

Dr. Umar Johnson School

Dr. Umar Johnson opened Fredrick Douglass Marcus Garvey Academy in 2014 for the black community. He started an initiative to raise $5 million for St. Paul’s College in Lawrenceville, Virginia. It could also be converted into a boarding school that would serve young black African American students. After five years, Dr Umar Johnson raised the entire fund to purchase property in Wilmington, Delaware.

As of 2021, the school is still not complete. He believes this is due to the inability of Back people to support the school. He spoke with Breakfast Club about Fredrick Douglass Marcus Garvey Academy’s construction and the need for $300K for plumbing and electrical installation.

Dr. Umar Johnson believes that the school would have been finished much sooner if he was a Mexican because the other communities are more concerned with education than the black community. He is asking for donations from the black community via Instagram, noting that they have spent $19 Million annually on Quaker Oats Grits.

Dr. Umar Johnson School Controversy

It is true that Dr Umar Johnson intended to open a school for black people and has actually done so. He is criticized for one aspect of this project. He was criticized for his fundraising strategies for the FDMG School of Delaware. They claim that he has cheated peoples in the name fundraising. However, Dr. Johnson insists that he hasn’t spent any money he raised for the school.

Dr Umar Johnson Wife and Marriage

Dr Umar Johnson was a married man who got married to his love. Because he kept his wife’s identity secret from marriage, no one knows her name. The private life of Dr. Johnson is not revealed to anyone. People on the internet believe that Dr. Johnson has children, including his daughter and son. According to a google search, Dr. Umar’s daughter is Indra Ove. It’s still not confirmed, and no one knows for sure the truth.

Dr. Johnson is often seen taking photos with unidentified people. This is something he loves to do and it makes him happy. He is a great lover of children and has always considered their welfare.

Dr. Umar Johnson Net Worth

Dr Umar Johnson’s net worth is $600,000. His source of income is different. He mostly makes his living by teaching and selling books. Dr. Johnson also offers a variety of motivational programming where people can express their interest. He can also make money through social media, seminars, and advertisements. He even offers a donation option on his website.

He used most of his wealth to ensure the student’s success. He works tirelessly for the black community. He feels the pain of discrimination and is from them. Therefore, Dr. Johnson wanted to do everything possible to help the community.

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Dr. Umar’s Success and Achievements

Dr Umar Johnson has had great success in his career, and he is continuing to achieve more. He has not yet been honored with any awards. He doesn’t care about it as he believes in enhancing the black community, as they are leaving behind. He is focused on his work and not on being awarded. Below are some of his greatest achievements in life.

  • Umar Johnson is a Doctor in Clinical Psychology and a Certified School Psychologist. He is a recognized expert in the education and mental well-being of African and Afrikan American children.
  • He is the founder and the lead tour guide of the Unapologetically Afrikan Black College and Consciousness Tour, which is open to students aged 11-17 years.
  • Johnson has been featured on several TV shows and interviews. News One Now, The Tom Joyner Morning Show and The Breakfast Club are just a few of the many TV shows Johnson has been featured on.
  • He was the first black psychologist to write a book on strategies to defeat ADHD and special education misdiagnoses.
  • He is the president and founder of the National Independent Black Parent Association, which was founded with the goal to combat educational academic racism.
  • He is now The Prince of Pan-Afrikanism.

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The bottom line

Dr. Umar Johnson began his childhood in trouble. After a split with his parents, he had to move in with his stepmom. He had to confront the problems. Someone once said that hard work does not fade. It was a similar story.

Dr. Johnson was a hard worker and put his all into higher education. We already know how many degrees he has earned. This is how you live your life. I hope you enjoyed the biography of Dr. Umar J. Johnson. We would love to hear your thoughts about Dr Umar Johnson’s life.

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