Libertarian vs Liberal

Libertarian vs Liberal: What’s The Difference?

Libertarian vs Liberal – Libertarians are people who are in favor of freedom in politics, culture, and social issues. Liberals, on the other hand, are people who are in favor of freedom in social issues but are in favor of limiting freedom in culture and in politics.

What is a libertarian?

The term “libertarian” originally meant “one who advocates a non-aggression principle, that is, someone who believes in minimal state regulation of economic and social activities.” Most libertarians today do not believe in full and complete free markets, but still, believe in a few basic principles:

Private property rights

Limited government

Equal protection under the law

“A libertarian would just as soon see everyone else fight over what scraps are left on the table, than seeing a bunch of people turn in their weapons in the other direction and squabble over what scraps.”

Liberals and Libertarians: Forcing Everyone to Submit to Their Ideology

I’ve noticed a few different ways in which liberals and libertarians have come into conflict in recent years.

What is a liberal?

A liberal is someone who favors a society where people are free to live their lives as they see fit. There is no legal restriction on personal choice, and all legitimate laws are subject to the rule of law. Under this system, people are free to establish and run their own businesses, make their own choices in what they eat, wear, read, and watch, and live the lives they want as long as they aren’t breaking the law.

Libertarians differ from liberals in the following ways:

Liberals are not opposed to regulation for the protection of society, but they don’t believe that government regulation should be used to impose restrictions on liberty or to direct people’s lives.

Libertarian vs Liberal: Where do they disagree?

Here’s a comparison of each of these political philosophies:

Libertarianism: Freedom = Liberty, Liberty = Self-Ownership, Libertarianism=Free Speech, Libertarianism=Personal Property, Libertarianism=Personal Responsibilities, Libertarianism=No Incentives for Crime

Liberalism: Freedom = Liberty, Freedom = Self-Ownership, Liberalism = Private Property, Liberalism = Personal Responsibilities, Liberalism=No Incentives for Crime, Liberalism=Community Standards, Liberalism=No Government Mandates, Liberalism=Institutions of Protest, Liberalism=Disadvantaged Groups

Their views are in broad agreement on the issues. But these are also political philosophies that many would disagree with.

A liberal believes in equality of opportunity, but not equality of outcome. A libertarian believes in the opposite.

A libertarian believes in civil rights for people regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality, etc. Liberals, however, believe in equality of outcome.

I believe that Libertarian vs Liberal is often used as a simplistic metaphor for a worldview that has more nuance to it than that.

For example, if someone were to describe the Libertarian view of Social Security as saying, “Government is inherently inefficient and is the root of all evil,” I would be dubious because most Libertarians believe that the government is not inherently inefficient, and also that the government is the only entity that can use its coercive power to remove resources from someone’s control.

Libertarians believe that more individualism and less government are better for everyone, while liberals believe the opposite.

Libertarians generally oppose the war on drugs and the use of federal force to remove guns from criminals, and they believe the government should be more efficient with tax revenue. Liberals generally oppose the war on drugs, gun rights, and tax cuts for the rich, and they believe the government should give more tax revenue to people who need it, who work, and who contribute to society.

Libertarian Vs. Conservative: What’s The Difference?

Libertarians are in favor of open borders, while conservatives oppose them.

Libertarians generally support free speech, but many libertarians are strongly against the Patriot Act and the Fourth Amendment. Conservative’s generally supporting the Second Amendment, but many conservatives are against free speech and in favor of legislation restricting it.

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Libertarians want to minimize the state as much as possible, while liberals want to maximize it.

Libertarians want to maximize individual freedom, and they believe that everybody deserves to make their own decisions and pursue their own happiness. But when it comes to protecting that freedom, libertarians want to minimize the state as much as possible, while liberals want to maximize it.

Libertarian vs Liberal: What’s The Difference?

Libertarians oppose the state, and they want it to be as small as possible.

People have a natural aversion to authoritarian governments, especially when those governments act beyond their borders.

Government is good at doing stuff.

And governments have a history of doing what the people want them to do.

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