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Steven Crowder wife – Hilary Crowder, Early Life, Age, Career, Net Worth

Steven Crowder wife: Hilary Crowder is a beautiful interior decorator and was a sales manager for a variety of businesses. Despite the achievements she has made through her career endeavors, she is most famous for her role as the wife of celebrity comedian and YouTube star Steven Blake Crowder. The couple is currently living in Dallas, Texas, and this article will give you many things you need to be aware of regarding her.

Early Life Of Hilary Crowder

Hilary Crowder was born in Michigan, USA on January 1, 1987. In the month of January 2021, she turned 34. Her parents are Timothy Korzon and Sharon Korzon.

She is the younger sister of Shanna Anderson. Both of them have a close bond. They spent their early years together. Her father is the owner of a furniture shop called Leland International.

It appears that she’s at least a bit safe in her family. This is why she has not divulged much information about her family or her past life.

Education Background Of Steven Crowder Wife

Hilary was a student at Calvin College in Michigan, where she studied Political Science. She graduated in 2010.


Hilary is a committed woman. Her profession is interior decoration. She is currently working for Leland International (an interior décor company). She previously served as an executive in sales in charge of more than thirty sales groups that were independent across America, in addition to Canada.

Steven Crowder wife marriage History

Hilary’s husband is a conservative American-Canadian commentator. He is also a comedian and has been featured in several films. He was born and raised in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. He was raised as a fervent Christian. He began stand-up comedy at the age of 17 years old and has appeared in films like “To Save One’s Life” (2009), “Arthur” (2000), “The Covenant” (2006), and “The Velveteen Rabbit” (2008), as well as other films.

Steven first made an appearance on Fox News at age 21 when he was a panelist on the opinion show and is now a regular guest. Steven is known for his blog posts on the YouTube channel “LouderwithCrowder,” in which he frequently posts political satires, his own and others’ opinions, and a few news clips.

Steven is extremely active on all the main social media sites. He has more than 2 million people following him on Facebook, more than 3.4 million YouTube followers on his channel, and six hundred thousand Twitter followers, and 446 Instagram followers. He’s been very candid and passionate about his wife’s posts on social media. Just after they got married, he shared that the anticipation of getting married since his childhood had come true and that the day had come out to be everything he wanted. Abstaining from sexual contact until they were married, he has unashamedly shared the joyous wedding day post.

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Height of Hilary Crowder

Hilary Crowder stands at 5’6 inches and weighs approximately 51 kg.

Do Steven And Hilary Have kids?

The couple does not have any children at present.

Unfortunately, Hilary had a miscarriage in 2020. However, the Youtuber was overjoyed to announce that they were expecting twins.

They currently reside in a house with their dogs, known as Happer and Betty. They live and reside in Dallas, Texas. Steven Crowder’s clan is likely to grow, in the coming years. Steven announced twins were expected via his channel on YouTube on January 25, 2021.

The announcement was met with great excitement by Crowder’s followers since he revealed that Hilary was suffering from an unplanned miscarriage last year.

Health Status Of Hilary Crowder

Steven Crowder shared the news that his wife was suffering from a neurological disorder called Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS). He announced the news by posting a photo of her on Instagram, where she was admitted to an institution in the year 2020.

Steven Crowder wife Net Worth

Hilary Crowder is highly educated and is a strong, independent woman. Despite being married to a famous personality, she is still pursuing her professional work.

Her approximate net worth is $500,000 USD. She makes a lot of money without the help of her husband. She is a strong and confident person.

Wrapping Up Of Steven Crowder Wife

In addition to all the scandals and Steven Crowder shaming celebrities each week on his channel, Hilary is living an amazing life. That’s all we want.

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