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Angel Del Villar: Early Life, Career, Marriage, Net Worth

Angel Del Villar, also known as the proprietor of DEL Records, also known as the owner of DEL Records, is a Mexican musician. Villar is among the most well-known and popular Mexican music stars currently. Apart from his enormous recognition as an artist, Villar has also made an enormous sum of money and is now a millionaire.

The Mexican musician and owner of a record label is a happily married man. He’s been married for more than an entire year and has a son along with his spouse. Even though Villar has been a major person within Latin music, not much about him is known by the mainstream media.

Today‘s show, we’re endeavoring to cover all you need to be aware of about the Mexican music producer. We will go over all aspects of his career, early life, married life, relationships, and much more. Let’s begin!

Early Life And Biography

Angel is a native of Los Angeles, California. His musical talents began at a very young age; in a way, his passion increased to create songs and sing. The family he was born into wasn’t wealthy. However, he was the most popular kid in the family and among his friends because everyone believed he was a trustworthy character and honest. He attended music school and began to play a variety of instruments.

Following the completion of your high school studies, he was a music enthusiast for the rest of his life and sang with his colleagues, but they did not reach the heights. He created his own music studio and was a hit with many artists. This forced him to spend his time more on music and developing his own career instead of going to school. He was able to produce an extremely powerful album with the help of many.

Personal Life

Angel’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million as of September 2021. Most of his earnings come directly from managing his record label, Del Records.

Being an entrepreneur, he’s created a line of merchandise that includes items that are branded with his name. It includes t-shirts, caps, tank tops, mugs, tank tops, and many more.

In addition, Angel has also launched a lavish seafood restaurant that is loved by a lot of famous people. Numerous ceremonies are held at the restaurant that generates more cash for Angel.

The quality of music he produces for a variety of genres and his best record studio all contribute to his net worth, which ranges from between 2 and 5 million dollars.

The DEL Records Foundation

DEL Records was established in 2008 and is among the most advanced studios that are available today. The studio began producing music and helped to establish American Spanish music around the world. The American Spanish-language label became famous and was able to earn millions of dollars over the course of its 13-year journey between 2020 and 2021.


Angel Del Villar began his career at a young age. After completing a high school degree, he was able to focus on his music career. His talent for singing and his business savvy doesn’t permit him to sit unoccupied. After failing to compose music, he started with his dream project: his own music recording studio, with his friends and colleagues as helpers.

A lot of artists achieve success via this studio. He created his own Youtube channel and was subsequently promoted through it. At present, the Youtube channel has over 221K subscribers. Then, the production house gained momentum and gained fame and recognition. In addition to gaining a huge following of followers and earning a massive sum, he was a millionaire.

In addition, he has appeared in a number of well-known TV soap operas. He was a friend of a number of famous artists who helped support his struggle at the beginning. In composing songs for many American movies, he gained popularity and recognition. His appearances on TV shows create a positive impression each time in the minds of viewers. His dedication and determination will help him reach his studio, one of the most prestigious production studios in America.

Marriage Life

Angel began dating Chiquis Rivera back in the year 2014. Chiquis Rivera became famous after her hit single “Paloma Blanc” debuted through her own business under the name of Sweet Sound Records.

The couple planned to tie the knot in 2016, but Chiquis’s mother was not happy or comfortable with their marriage. Chiquis’s mother’s refusal to accept the relationship led to their coming to an end.

Despite the heartbreak, Angel moved on and quickly found his soulmate, Cheli Madrid, in 2020. The couple were married in a civil ceremony arranged in Newport Beach, California. They are now blessed to have a child.

Achievements And Awards

He has managed to break through worldwide in the field of music and has made an excellent impression on the public. He has been acknowledged in a variety of categories, including producer of the year, Top Latin Albums of the Year, Regional Mexican Songs Artist of the Year, the Solo Artist of the Year, the Regional Mexican Album of the Year, the Regional Mexican Album Artist of the Year, Duo Group, the New Artist of the Year, and many more at the Billboard Latin Music Awards.

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Angel Del Villar Net Worth

Most of his income comes from his own recording studio record label, DEL Records. Being an entrepreneur, he’s got enormous brand value. Another source of income comes from its brand value. T-shirts as well as caps and other merchandise items. His company has won many Billboard Latin Music Awards. In December 2020, his estimated net worth was $2 million.

Angel Del Villar earns most of his money from running his own record label, DEL Records. The company has won numerous Billboard Latin Music Awards. Thus, Angel Del Villar has an estimated value of $2 million.

Angel Del Villar’s net worth in 2020 is $2.33 million, approximately.

Angel Del Villar’s net worth in the year 2021 is approximately $2–5 million.

Wrapping Up

Angel Del Villar is a highly influential person today and an example to follow for everyone. His determination and hard work enabled him to attain the things he wanted from life and also do what he enjoyed most: assist in the making of music.

Even though he had to face issues when his studio was searched by SWAT teams in the midst of false claims, he was able to get it resolved and never saw any issue as a hindrance. Instead, he utilized it as a way to get ahead, to rise to higher standings in the world.

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