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Bobby Misner: Biography, Career, Education, Marriage, Net Worth

Bobby Misner is an Australian YouTube star. He is one of the children of businessman and billionaire Tom Misner. He was born on May, 6th, 1995, and was raised in Sydney, Australia.

A YouTube sensation in the luxury lifestyle with a self-titled channel, who has accrued more than 210,000 viewers. Bobby Misner became a viral sensation with an ad titled “Life of the Billionaire’s Son.”

Bobby Misner Biography

Bobby Misner is a famous YouTube star, born on May 6, 1995, in Australia. A socialite and luxury lifestyle YouTube sensation with a self-titled channel, who has accrued more than 210,000 viewers.

The actor went viral with a video calledLife of a Billionaire’s Son.” Also, he’s been modelled and has been portrayed by According to astrologers, Bobby’s zodiac sign has been identified as Taurus. His father is billionaire businessman Tom Misner. He has a younger sister named Yasmin.

Background in education

Bobby Misner was sent to the most sought-after boarding school in Germany, but he was kicked out. After being kicked out of the school, he relocated to Los Angeles to pursue his filmmaking career.

He was kicked out of his prestigious school because of being a general troublemaker. He flew on his private jet to France with several of his classmates to celebrate his 18th birthday. The teachers at his school would describe him as rebellious.

Bobby Misner describes himself back in the past as a rebel, a delinquent, and a misfit, in contrast to the typical well-behaved student at Millfield.


After being exiled from Millfield, Bobby Misner worked for his father’s company, Abby Road Studios. He decided that it was the right time to make an abrupt change and relocated to Los Angeles.

He relocated from Los Angeles with the vision of partying, being around with cute girls, and basically living life like it was the set of a film. Bobby Misner claims that the majority of this was to be passed.

After moving from Los Angeles, Bobby Misner began his clothing line, Rich Misfits. The t-shirts of the Rich Misfits cost between $300 and $600 each. Bobby Misner is known for declaring, “I am an icon for the rich kids.”

He is open about his wealth on the internet to gain views. The YouTuber believes that being a YouTuber is the most sought-after and most desired job in 2020.

He believes that people admire him because he has shown them something that no other person could ever imagine doing.

Bobby Misner marriage line

According to our sources, Bobby Misner could be single and has not previously been engaged. In June 2021, Bobby Misner had not been dating anyone.

Relatives’ Records We do not have information about a prior relationship about Bobby Misner. We need your help to establish the records of the relationship with Bobby Misner!

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Personal Life

Bobby Misner was born and raised by a single mom from Sydney, Australia. But at the age of 15, he discovered that the father of his parents, Tom Misner, was a billionaire and the founder of the School of Audio Engineering (SAE) Institute, so he relocated to America to live with him.

Then he was transferred to Germany to attend a prestigious university, after which he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his modeling career.

Bobby Misner Net Worth

Bobby Misner has been a popular Australian YouTube star, and his father is billionaire businessman Tom Misner. Bobby Misner has an estimated net worth of $1 million to $5 million by 2020.

wrapping up

After his father’s massive popularity, Bobby Misner has often been referred to as the son of a billionaire. But the Bobby we met this morning showed us that he is not just expanding his horizons to make an identity for himself and gain more satisfaction when he creates his own money instead of just receiving it from his father.

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