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Osita Iheme MFR is a Nigerian actor, scriptwriter, comedian, motivational and comedy speaker, and philanthropist. He is well-known for playing the role of “Pawpaw” in the film Aki na Ukwa with Chinedu Ikedieze. Osita Iheme was born on February 20th, 1982, in Mbaitoli, Imo State. The 39-year old is in his prime today.

Pawpaw was introduced to the Nollywood scene back in the year 2001 in minor roles and became famous in 2003 when he starred in the film “Aki na Ukwa” as his first step. His most famous movies are “Baby Police” (2003), “Stubborn Flies” (2007), “Mr. Ibu” (2004), as well as “Aki as well as Pawpaw” (2002).

Inspired Movement Africa was founded by Osita Iheme in the hope of “inspiring the mind, motivating and stimulating the minds of young Nigerians as well as Africans.” He was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2007 African Movie Academy Awards. Iheme got a prestigious award as an honorary, Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (MFR) by then President Goodluck Jonathan Ebele. Iheme is also considered to be one of the most well-known performers on the scene in Nigeria, as well as elsewhere in African countries.

Osita Iheme Biography

Pawpaw, whose true identity is Osita Iheme, is a well-known Nigerian comedian, actor, and film producer from Nollywood.

The Nollywood star was born in Mbaitoli, which is the local government located in Imo State, on February 20th, 1982. Osita was a graduate of Lagos State University with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, having completed his primary and secondary schooling in Imo.

He began acting shortly after completing his schooling. Osita Iheme’s fame gained traction in 2003 due to his impressive abilities in the comedy film “Aki Na Ukwa.” He is often seen playing the role of a child in the majority of his films.

In the present, Osita Iheme is best known as the most hilarious Nigerian actor. In actuality, most of his images are used in memes.

He is the Rotary International District Ambassador. He has also written the book “INSPIRED.”

Osita has appeared in more than 200 films since his entry into the Nollywood scene, which makes him the most popular actor in the business.

Education Background

Osita Iheme completed his secondary and primary education in Abia State, Nigeria. Later, he enrolled at Lagos State University, where he earned an undergraduate diploma in Computer Science.

Osita Iheme Career

Osita Iheme was frequently played most of his role as a child. In 2003, he ascended to prominence when he appeared alongside Chinedu Ikedieze in the film comedy Aki na Ukwa, in which he played the character of Pawpaw. In the film, Osita Iheme played a playful child. He played the role of a child in a variety of his movies, but later he embraced more adult roles. In the end, the pair became known as one of the most hilarious Nollywood comic duos ever.

He is the new generation representative of Rotary International District 9110, as well as the creator of INSPIRED 101. Osita Iheme has been in more than a hundred films and is among the most popular actors in Nollywood. Iheme, like his onscreen co-star Chinedu Ikedieze, has a slim build. Due to his size, Iheme was able to stand out from the other actors in his field in the Nigerian cinema industry.

He has grown from a comedic actor into an established actor with multidimensional skills throughout his career. He has gained respect in his home country, Nigeria, film industry, and among the fans.

In 2018, he revealed However, he would like to be the next politician in the near future.

Osita Iheme Marriage Life

Osita Iheme isn’t currently married at the moment. Concerns about his personal life have surfaced everywhere on the internet, but he’s kept the details private. He and his close friend and colleague Chinedu Ikedieze were married a few years back. Iheme has never presented any of his romantic partners to the public.

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Osita Iheme Awards And Achievement

You’re aware that excellent performances merit recognition and praise. Osita Iheme is a prime example. He has already won numerous awards in his professional career, which took off. Among his numerous honors are the following:

  • Best Actor in a Leading Role (Secret Adventure), Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA), 2006
  • African Movie Academy Awards, 2007, Time-based Achievement Award
  • 2011 African Film Academy Awards
  • The African Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards Best Actor from Nigeria, 2014.

Osita Iheme Home And Vehicles

Osita Iheme has many luxury properties in Nigeria. He has also built an estate worth more than a hundred million dollars. The mansion is located in the most prosperous part of Imo State. Additionally, the actor is the owner of the largest hotel in Nigeria.

He does not just own an elegant home and a luxurious lifestyle but also enjoys driving fascinating cars. He owns a fleet of luxurious and elegant automobiles. They include:

  • Honda NSX sports car
  • Toyota Camry
  • Toyota Harrier GR Sport 2018
  • LR3 Land Rover

Osita Iheme Net Worth

Osita Iheme is one of the wealthiest and most powerful people in Nigeria at present. The actor is estimated to have a value of $3.5 million by 2021. He earned the majority of his wealth through his acting career as well as in various business ventures.


Osita Iheme has been working extremely hard for everything he is today. It’s not something that happens overnight. I hope you get inspired and lern something about Osita Iheme lifestyles.

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