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Top 10 Richest Comedian In Nigeria: 2022 Forbes

Richest Comedian In Nigeria: Nigerian comedy is a different aspect of the entertainment business in Nigeria. It is now an expanding industry.

If some “ignorant” viewers see comics on stage performing silly skits or dressing in funny costumes, they don’t really consider the amount of income these gifted people earn from these performances.

Here, you’ll discover the most recent list of the 10 richest comedian in Nigeria. The comedy business has experienced significant growth over the past two decades. Nigeria has a wealth of comics who are funny and talented with high net worths that are difficult to believe.

1. Ali Baba

Ali Baba is a very well-known comedian in Nigeria, and those who have met him aren’t going to have a difficult time believing that he’s the most successful comedian in the nation. In addition, Ali Baba is a wealthy man, but he is also a recipient of numerous accolades.

He is also the founder of modern Nigerian comedy. Ali Baba is at the top of the list of the most wealthy Nigerian comedy stars. Ali Baba is currently in the top spot on lists of the top 10 Richest Comedian In Nigeria, the net worth of Ali Baba has been estimated at N3.2 billion Naira.

2. AY 

Ayo Makun, well-known as AY Ayo Makun is an award-winning Nigerian actor, comedian, organizer, event planner, director, host, TV producer, director, and presenter. Born on August 19th, 1971 in Lagos, Nigeria, to seven siblings, he was the youngest of five siblings.

The name AY gained fame after his performance in the comedy series “A Thousand Nights.” Since then, he’s gained recognition as a comedian.

Ayo Makun was the creator and host of the AY Show, which is a popular show that is attended by many thousands of Nigerians. In the second spot of our rankings, AY is currently one of the Richest Comedian In Nigeria and most popular comedians in Nigeria and has an estimated worth of N2.5 billion. and this made him one of the  Richest Comedian In Nigeria

2. Basket Mouth 

The full title of his name can be spelled as Bright Okpocha. He is a stand-up comedian, a star performer, and the Master of Ceremonies. Basket Mouth is an incredibly versatile talent that makes him a favorite among many people in Nigeria. He has been awarded the National Comedy Award and the awards for the best stand-up comedian of the year in 2005, 2006, and 2006, respectively.

It is interesting to note that Basket Mouth was, at first, a musician. However, his comedic career has seen massive success. He earns money through the success of his comedy shows and endorsement deals with leading companies such as Globacom. His net worth is estimated at N2 billion.

4. I go Die 

“I Go to Die” became famous through Opa William’s Night of a Thousand Laughs, the platform that showcased numerous of the top comedians from the United States.

He’s not just an entertaining and rib-cracking comedian, but he’s also the chief executive officer of Revamp Construction Company, a construction and real estate company.

The real name of his is Francis Agoda. Agoda is an ambassador for the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. “I Go to Die” is charged between 1.5 to 2million naira per show. According to Forbes, that is N1.8 billion, not including endorsements. His net worth is estimated at N1.8 billion.

5. Julius Agwu 

The first person to surpass the N1 billion mark on this list is not a different person than Julius Agwu, someone who deserves every cent of his wealth.

If there’s anyone who deserves to be known as a leading person in the comedy world, that is a fitting tribute to Julius Agwu.

Despite going through some tough moments in life, including more than four surgeries and spending as long as five years in an induced coma, Julius Agwu quickly put it all behind him when he returned to pursue the thing he is familiar with and loves to do; comedy.

His determination, resilience and courage are three traits that each young Nigerian can use as a reason to succeed in their chosen professions.

One of the most successful comedy stars in Nigeria, Julius Agwu, is worth everything and much more. His net worth is valued at N1.5 Billion.

6. Gbadewonuola Olateju Oyelakin

The talented comedian is also an actor, as well as a writer and host of a television show well-known for his show “The Teju Babyface Show.”

Born in 1979, he joined the entertainment industry and has been working in the entertainment industry since.

On his Teju Babyface show, which debuted in 2010, he was the first host to host a late-night talk show.

He has written two highly-rated books, such as Secrets of the Streets and Forget Principles, Find a Mentor.

The net worth of his company is above a rough estimate of $1 billion. and this made him Richest Comedian In Nigeria

7. Okey Bakassi 

He is known by the name OkeyAnthony Onyegbule, who goes by his stage title Okey Bakassi, is also one of the biggest stars that the Nigerian entertainment industry can provide. The comedian is a patient performer since he began at an early age and is one of the most experienced comedians from Nigeria and was capable of opening the door for future comedians.

Like I Go Die, Okay, Bakassi is also a politician in his own state, and Bakassi didn’t quit one to join the other. Bakassi combines comedy and politics. His net worth is estimated at N800 Million.

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8. Bovi 

Bovi Ugboma is well-known for his stage name “Bovi” and for his hilarious character. He has never had any difficulties in gaining recognition since he entered the Nigerian comedy scene due to his distinctively original character and comedy style.

Today, Bovi is said to have a net worth of N600 million dollars.

9. Gbenga Adeyinka

Gbenga is possibly one of the best known names in the Nigerian parody business. Gbenga is known for organizing massive shows for officials of the government.

He is the director and CEO of the show “Laffmattaz,” a well-known television show that generates a lot of money for him. Gbenga is associated with a number of organisations and has claimed many benefits within Nigeria’s large metropolitan communities. As of 2021, Gbenga’s net worth was estimated at N500 million.

10. Gordon 

Gordon, whose actual name is Godwin Komone, is a comedian with an entertaining comedy career. He started out in the ministry as a church pastor. In search of green pastures, he decided to try his attempts at comedy, a decision that paid off in the end. Gordon earns most of his income by hosting shows as well as hosting his own comedy shows.

The series is called the “Gordons Comedy Clinic” and has five versions. This is a collection of many of his comedy masterpieces that his fans adore. Gordons is also Globacom’s ambassador, with a multi-million dollar contract. His net worth is valued at N400 million

Conclusion On Richest Comedian In Nigeria

The comedians on this list have done a great job at what they do and serve as an example of motivation for those who are just beginning their careers as comedians.

If you’ve been trying to make a name for yourself in the field and you’re not getting the recognition you’d like to, continue to push until one day you’ll feel proud of yourself and make Nigeria proud to be a part of it.

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