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Akademiks Net Worth, Biography, Education, Career, And Awards

Akademiks Net Worth: Livingston Allen, better known by his stage name DJ Akademiks, is a well-known Jamaican DJ, media personality, and news and entertainment YouTuber.

He is the founder of the hip-hop-based music and news site known as Late Creep. Additionally, he also has five distinct YouTube channels under his name.

He is highly regarded by many music enthusiasts, primarily because of his humorous and satirical musical style. However, his distinct style has landed him in hot water on several occasions.


Livingston Allenon was born on May the 17th, 1991 in St. Catherine, Jamaica. He moved to New York, United States. when he was only ten years old. There is no information about his parents.

To pursue his studies, he enrolled at Rutgers University in New Jersey and earned an advanced qualification with a major in biomathematics. Then, he received his master’s qualification from the department of Math Finance.


While in college, Livingston began a web site named Late Night Creep, dedicated to providing hip hop music news.

Allen graduated from the Mathematical Sciences in Biomathematics at Rutgers University. His passion for music helped Allen become a popular disc jockey before he enrolled in college.


DJ Akademiks began the career of DJ Akademiks by uploading YouTube videos offering mostly humorous and funny commentary on current events in the field that is known as urban entertainment. The channel of the celebrity gained notoriety in 2014 due partly to his coverage of the Chicago Drill Scene.

The main YouTube channel of this YouTube personality’s channel currently has more than one million subscribers, in addition to greater than 350 million views.

In addition, his other ventures include hosting his own hip-hop-based debate show with rapper Joe Budden and broadcaster Nadeska Alexis, titled “Everyday Struggle,” which airs through the Complex News YouTube channel; it debuted in the current year.

In light of his humorous style of commentary, he’s drawn the ire of a number of artists and figures that are prominent within the entertainment industry and have remained the focus of his YouTube videos.

It is comprised of the likes of 21 Savage, Wale, Soulja Boy, Meek Mill, Master P, Shy Glizzy, and an entrepreneur named Martin Shkreli. He also became involved in an on-camera dispute with rapper Vic Mensa, who asserted that his channel on YouTube was used to mock the murders that take place within the inner-city of Chicago.

He also became involved in tensions between Migos and Joe Budden in a backstage interview that took place during the BET Awards.

However, he has repeatedly accepted the fact that rappers want to argue with him and has stated that he does not desire violence or wishes to settle any disagreements or come to an understanding whenever it is possible.

Awards And Achievements

DJ Akademiks’s most notable accomplishment is that his main YouTube channel has more than one million subscribers. Other accomplishments include the running of five YouTube channels.

DJ Akademiks’ Personal Life

DJ Akademiks is currently dating a woman. He previously dated the Dominican Republic model, Angelica Ggx. The couple divorced in the year 2018.

His ex-girlfriend has made a convincing assertion against him, claiming that he committed a sexual assault on her and that he was abusive in their relationship. The woman further stated that he was an alleged womanizer who enticed women by making them drink.

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DJ Akademiks Net Worth

Akademiks Net Worth, In January 2022, DJ Akademiks had an estimated net worth of $8 million. His wealth comes through his work as a YouTube personality for entertainment news, making money from YouTube videos.

Through advertisements that appear in his video, he earns approximately $1,400 a day (i.e., 510,000 dollars a year). Furthermore, since he has several channels at the same time, his earnings are surely very high. The channels’ names include The War On Iraq, The Negotiator, also known as DJ Akademiks or King Akademiks, LateNightCreepVids, and Crime Fails.

The channel’s YouTube page has reached 1 million subscribers as of March 2017 and has surpassed 478.7 million views on videos since the beginning of the year 2015.

The channel has attracted viewers with 28,529,970 views in the last 30 days across its 1242 videos, which has led to annual revenue of $350,000. The number of viewers has increased by 41,451 subscribers in the past month, which is considered an increase in the number of subscribers.

His YouTube channel has 180,109 subscribers as of March 2017 and has recorded approximately 35 million views since its debut in 2015.

The YouTube channel of Livingston Allen DJ Akademiks has seen a total of 428,415 views over the last thirty days. This was boosted by 1,419 subscribers over the past month.

DJ Akademiks is among the popular YouTube personalities who typically upload videos about entertainment news. The star uploads commentaries about other celebs. Prior to that, he worked as a DJ for the Rutgers University radio station. He is currently making news-and entertainment-related videos and is based with his family in the US.

Conclusion On Akademiks Net Worth

Akademiks Net Worth, Allan made the majority of his income from advertisements on his YouTube channels and the sale of the mixtape (Clout Chasers), streaming on Twitch, and also as a co-host for Everyday Struggle.

All of his channels have more than 1.49 billion views on YouTube, which is roughly $4 million in revenue before taxes. The most watch video from Allan’s channel is “Young Thug Tweets Up”: The Game Daughter on Instagram.

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