Die Antwoord Net Worth

Die Antwoord Net Worth, Early Life, Education, Career And Awards

Die Antwoord Net Worth: Die Antwoord is one of the wealthiest and most influential musicians from South Africa. Yolandi and Ninja have amassed wealth through their careers as rappers, actors, songwriters, and music producers.

Die Antwoord is a popular South African hip-hop group consisting of the male and female rapper duo Ninja and Yolandi, and their DJ/Hi-Tek producer.

They released their debut album in 2009, after which they released four studio albums to date, and their latest album is set to be released in the year 2018. The group is based in Cape Town, South Africa. The group mostly focuses on the hip-hop genre as well as electronic dance.

Early Life

Ninja Die Antwoord

Under the real name Watkin Tudor JonesNinja Die Antwoord was born on September 26th, 1974 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Before the creation of the band Die Antwoord, the singer was the vocalist who led Max Normal. Max Normal..

However, the group broke up after a couple of years, which led him to create The Antwoord Group. Antwoord, the group.

Yolandi Visser

Anri “Yolandi Visser” du Toit was born on October 1, 1984, in Port Alfred, South Africa.

Her name was Anri Du Toit.

Yolandi Visser was raised with her twin brother by their adoptive parents.

Before she became a musician, she was a part of the construction firm as well as MaxNormal. TV.


Yolandi Visser

Yolandi Visser was a student at an all-girls school called Dominic Catholic School.

She received her education at Lady Grey Academy in South Africa. Lady Grey Arts Academy in South Africa.

Watkin Tudor “Ninja” Jones

Watkin Tudor “Ninja” Jones’ educational background is not yet known.

It is also believed that he attended the subjects of music production and production.

Die Antwoord Net Worth & Career

It is no secret that Antwoord is one of Africa’s most well-known bands. The year 2009 was crucial in the development of Die Antwoord, because in that year, they released their first album under the name “O.” It’s interesting to note that the album was accessible for download on the internet.

On their website, people were able to download this album for no cost, and it became very well-known. The most well-known track from the collection was “In The Ninja,” which was a hit with their followers.

In reality, it is believed that the video received several million views within a few months after it was made available. The music video for this track attracted the most attention from the public.

In 2012, Die Antwoord released their second album under the title Ten Ion, and among the most popular songs from the album are Fok Julie Naaiers, Fatty Boom Boom, Fink U Freeky etc. In 2014, they launched their fourth album, Donker Mag.

The songs from this album that have gained the most recognition include Pitbull Terrier and Cookie Thumper! The 4th album by Die Antwoord was released in 2016 and was named Mount Ninji and the Nice Time Kid.

It is also necessary to note their mixtape, which was released in the year 2016 and had the title “Suck On This.” It’s interesting to note that in this mixtape there can be found a few remixes of songs that have been released to date. time. The fifth album by Die Antwoord was released in the early part of the year 2017.

They wanted to name this album something like “The Book of Zef,” but instead they settled on a different title, 27. 27. The first and most well-known track from their fifth album, Love Drug, is the song “Love Drug.”

It’s interesting to note that The Antwoord have already announced the title of their sixth album, but it hasn’t been released at this time. They are planning to create an album that will be titled “The House of Zef.”

It is also crucial to mention that the songs by The Antwoord are in three different languages. The majority of them are Afrikaans, but a handful of songs are also in the Xhosa language as well as in English.

It is worth noting, however, that Interscope Records was the label that released records for Die Antwoord until the end, when they decided to leave the label. When they released their second album, they decided to establish their own label and become independent. They named their brand Zef Records.

In regards to the matter of The Antwoord, the group, and its shows, It is essential to note that all the members are extremely funny, particularly Ninja, and the audience enjoys Ninja. Yolandi also makes her own jokes, and we can conclude that they’re both fantastic comedians.

It’s no secret that Yolandi and Ninja have a great professional relationship, but it’s interesting to learn that they are also in relationships in their personal lives. While there are rumors that they’re not in a relationship at present, it is known that they have a relationship and have one daughter. Further details about their private lives will be revealed in the next chapter.

Awards And Achievements

The group Die Antwoord has yet to be nominated for any music awards; however, its numerous singles have reached the top of the Billboard charts.

Enter the Ninja peaked at 37 on the UK charts in the year 2010. The single “Banana Brain” peaked at 30 in the US electronic and dance charts in 2016.

Personal Life

We will now tell you more about the private lives of the two principal group members, The Antwoord. The first one to be discussed is the female participant in The Antwoord, and that is Yolandi Visser.

Yolandi Visser, whose actual identity can be pronounced as Anri du Toit, is an actress and singer from the band The Antwoord, which means that she is extremely well-known. However, she’s not just a performer; she’s also a singer and an actress as well.

Her birth date was December 1st, 1984 in Port Alfred, South Africa. The zodiac sign of her birth is Sagittarius. She attended St. Dominic’s Catholic School for Girls. Additional important information about the existence of Yolandi Visser: her older brother was adopted by her parents.

It is the name given to her dad by Ben Du Toit. If we talk about the romantic life of Yolandi Visser, it is safe to state that she’s currently in a relationship with Ninja and is an active participant in The Antwoord. Both were good friends prior to deciding to begin a relationship.

It is also essential to note that there is a daughter, whose namesake is Sixteen Jones. The baby was born in 2006. In addition, Yolandi has adopted a child named Tokkie Jones. Yolandi Visser’s height is 150 cm (5′ 12″) and she weighs 53 kilograms.

Ninja is a member of the band The Antwoord, and his real name is Watkin Tudor Jones. He was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and the date of his birth was September 26, 1974. The birthstone for him is Libra.

In terms of the schooling of Ninja, it is important to mention that he had been going to Parktown Boys High School and then the school closed very quickly. We’ve already mentioned that Ninja has a daughter who is with Yolandi Visser. Her nickname is Sixteen Jones. In this article, you will learn briefly some of the most important details regarding Yolandi Visser, as well as Ninja.

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Die Antwoord Net Worth

The rap group that is a hit is among the wealthiest in South Africa. Die Antwoord Net Worth was estimated to $100 million.

Wrapping Up On Die Antwoord Net Worth

Die Antwoord Net Worth, In this article, the entire information about the group known as The Antwoord, which is among the most well-known hip-hop and rap bands in Africa, is covered. The group was founded in the year 2008 in Cape Town, and its members include Ninja, Yolandi Visser, and producer God. We have also stated that this group is part of the movement of culture known as Zef culture.

The first album by The Antwoord was released in 2009, and the name of the album was “O.” It is interesting to mention that this album was completely free to download from the official website of the group. The most viewed music video by The Antwoord was known as “Enter The Ninja” and had millions of views.

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