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The 7 Secrets About Polo G Girlfriend Only A Handful Of People Know

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In reality, fame can come in different ways. Many people work hard to achieve fame, while others get it through relationships. Crystal Blease was among the celebrities who gained huge acclaim when she was the girlfriend of Polo G. Polo G, whose real name is Taurus Tremani Bartlett, is an American rapper. His romance with Blease was the subject of news in 2021. But, a lot of people want to know the details of what transpired between Blease and the rapper.

According to Instagram users such as @official_teetime, Crystal pursued at least one thing with Polo G behind his back. What’s the truth? Do you think Polo G and Crystal are over forever?

Profile summary

  • Birth name: Crystal Blease
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 26th September 2000
  • Age: 21 years old (as of January 2022)
  • Weight in pounds: 134
  • Weight in kilograms: 61
  • Hair colour: Black
  • Eye colour: Brown
  • Relationship status: In a relationship
  • Partner: Jazz
  • Ex-boyfriend: Taurus Tremani Bartlett (Polo G)
  • Child: Tremani Bartlett
  • Profession: Social media influencer, entrepreneur
  • Net worth: $400k
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Ethnicity: Caribbean
  • Height in feet: 5’5”
  • Crystal Blease’s Instagram: @itsreallycrystal
  • Crystal Blease’s Twitter: @crystalbaee1
  • Zodiac sign: Libra
  • Place of birth: Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
  • Nationality: American
  • Height in centimetres: 165

Early Life

Polo G’s girlfriend, Crystal, was born in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. However, her parents originate from Belize. So, she has Caribbean roots. She calls herself the Belizean princess in her bio on her Instagram bio.

The couple reportedly split at the age of a child and later had a remarriage. This is why she was raised by her father and the assistance of her grandmother. Unfortunately, she’s not yet revealing the identities of her siblings. There are rumors that she has many half-siblings.

As a child, Crystal had an unpleasant childhood. At the time, she ended up in trouble and was sentenced to prison. However, she came into the spotlight after she became involved in a relationship with Polo G.

The net worth of Polo G Girlfriend (Crystal Blease)

The sources we have verified do not reveal the exact amount of her net worth. However, according to the website Gist Flare, they claim she has an estimated total worth of $400k. The main source of her income comes from her two companies and endorsement agreements.

Career achievements

Crystal is a businesswoman and social media influencer. She is the CEO and the founder of Crystal Couture. The company sells women’s clothes, including bottoms, dresses, and tops.

She is also the chief executive officer and CEO of Beauty By Bratitude. The company is located in Los Angeles and Chicago. It is involved in the sale of cosmetics like lipstick gloss, jewelry, and eyelashes.

In addition, she’s an influencer. For instance, she’s an ambassador of Pretty the Hair weave Salon. At one point she also joined forces in a partnership with Fashion Nova.

What did happen to Polo G and his girlfriend, Crystal Blease?

The first rumors of cheating began to surface in July 2021. This was just two weeks after Polo G’s most recent album “Hall of Fame” was released.

There is speculation that Crystal, mother of a 2-year-old son, Tremani, for whom Polo G happens to be the father, had an affair with one of Polo’s most cherished friends. According to one version of the story the person Crystal loved was gay. According to another variant of this story, she began spending time with the mystery man for not quite long.

Some fans believe that Crystal has cheated on Polo G with one of his close friends and one of his female friends. An Instagram account whose name is @1more_4thegain took it further and claimed that Crystal has a TikTok lover in Florida.

A frequent user of Twitter, Crystal has taken to the social media platform on numerous occasions in the last couple of days to share details about what’s going on in her personal life.

On July 14, 2021, Crystal tweeted, “The next time y’all see me post a motherf–ker on this page, just know I’m in love.”

It is possible that the tweet could be read as a sign that Crystal is back on the market for dating.

“Hey everybody, I like girls,” Crystal tweeted on July 10, 2021.

The tweet probably stoked the flames of cheating allegations. (It also clarified Crystal’s sexual orientation.)

There’s plenty of confusion regarding the identity of Crystal’s love interest (or love interests).

Crystal was on Twitter once more on July 10th, 2021, to respond to rumors regarding her relationship with a friend known as Alize.

“Alize was at my house, but on my son, we were not talking, nor did we have s-x. If we did, b—h? I bumped coochie with a girl oh f–king well? This [is] my coochie, stop clocking it,” Crystal wrote. “Only reason I’m clearing her up right now is because she’s in a full relationship.”

It’s probably safe to say we can exclude Alize.

The rumored love interests of Crystal are Action Pack and Young Rob. It’s believed that it was @official_teetime that first reported that Crystal was involved in affairs with high-profile rappers.

Polo G’s Baby Mama Crystal Blease says she’s happy with her new love than she was with the rapper

Crystal Blease used to be the rapper Polo G’s greatest fan, but those days are over. She’s now all over his name on social media, and she’s telling all the people she follows that he acted badly towards her and that she’s dating a woman whom she believes to be her soulmate.

The mother of Polo’s son has taken to Twitter to inform fans of her current relationship status. She also confirmed that she had walked away from the musician and is now dating an individual. They often have a conversation on their Youtube channel. They’ve shared a few videos on their YouTube channel. The couple came out with their relationship in August 2021.


“I was sitting there putting up with infidelity and my soulmate was a fucking girl. I knew it,” wrote Crystal on Twitter this week. “Jazz be doing shit I been begging for, with ease. I ain’t coming up off her EVER.”

After a couple of days, she gushed about the time she’d had with Jazz and implied that they could have been living in the same house. “I am tangled in bed with Jazz each night,” she declared.

Crystal was earlier connected to Polo G in early 2018. They share a son. They appeared to be extremely in love, posting pictures of each other on social media and going to major events with one another. However, Crystal admits that Polo had a relationship with her several times.


Take a look at her blog posts below and tell us how you feel about them.





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