Exclusive: Thomas Langu Sweswe Played for 90 Minuit and Never Touched the Ball

Exclusive: Thomas Langu Sweswe Played for 90 Minuit and Never Touched the Ball

Football matches have their downs and ups. Some players are looking for glory, while others are looking to achieve a lesser feat. Thomas Langu Sweswe appears to be on the humorous side.

A Zimbabwean player, Thomas Langu Sweswe, is a full-time player in an entire football game but does not touch the ball. In a hilarious twist, the experienced athlete can last for 90 minutes on the field without ever playing football.

The next day, the most frequent question on everyone’s mind was, “How did he accomplish that?”

Maybe perhaps Mr. Thomas Langu Sweswe might be the most qualified person to answer this question. However, we’d like to share some of the lesser-known details about his life. Stay tuned.

Thomas Langu Sweswe Playing Streak

It is a fact that the record shows Thomas Langu Sweswe played for the following clubs:

Dynamos as well as ZPC Kariba

Kaizer Chiefs

Wits as well as Black Leopards

and especially for the Manning Rangers.

The footballer, who is 38, could not be a professional player after the epic match most likely.

Thomas Langu Sweswe took the field at a speedy pace, advancing his career in football from obscure local clubs to international teams. in the past as a center back when he played for the Zimbabwe National Football Team.

It is believed the possibility exists that Thomas Langu is currently playing for a South African club. It’s possible that this is a local club.

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Previous Career History

He played in his country’s 2007 Merdeka Tournament in Malaysia, representing his country, Zimbabwe.

According to the statistics, the records show, that it was Mr. Thomas Langu Sweswe who scored against Singapore. In the end, Zimbabwe tallied a 4-2 victory against Singapore.

Despite a promising start, they did not last long. The Zimbabweans lost their semi-final spot, falling to Myanmar.

Similar circumstances occurred in the Cosafa tournament, where the team was defeated by its Mozambique counterparts.

The other matches he has played look like this:

  • A pair of appearances in the Zimbabwe 2012. African Cup of Nations
  • A tie to Liberia on September 5, 2012.
  • Another connection was made with Cape Verde in October.
  • He was in the 3-0 defeat to Brazil in June after recovering from an injury.
  • In the following match, he takes part in the match that he wins against Mozambique.

Thomas Langu also plays for his country in the lead-up to qualifying for the 2012 African Cup of Nations Qualifiers. In the tournament, Zimbabwe lost to Mali.

Then, Zimbabwe pays the score due in 2011 in the return game against Mali.

Despite his illustrious career in soccer, Thomas Langu Sweswe is more well-known for his 90 minutes of time without doing as much as kicking the football.

At present, there has been no footballer who has ever beaten this record.

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